This is just a place where I post all my Wolf pictures I have made. Some are just OC's others I just did for fun or randomly. And keep in mind that I'm posting ALL of my wolf pictures. Even my failed ones. This even has some pictures of animals that aren't wolves in it.


Leva k

An old pic of my main OC Leva in wolf form

The forest wars-Antagonists

This is a picture from my animated series The Forest Wars. It had a wolf in it so...


A really old pic of Mika my music loving- winged wolf OC


A old pic of Darkrai my Ruby Darkun wolf OC

Sad wolf

this is such a fail. And its also pretty old...


Another old pic. I was testing out special effects at the time


This is a semi-old picture of my winged wolf OC Tera


This is a pic I made of my OC Luna a few months ago

Leva looking at the stars

This is a realistic picture of my OC Leva in wolf form looking at the stars

Leafstorm the fox

This is a pic of my fox OC Leafstorm. I just decided to post this for fun.

Howling wolf

This is a semi-old picture of a wolf howling. I forgot this OC's name

Firelightning the wolf and Leafstorm the fox

My Fox OC Leafstorm with her partner (Also the person I ship with her) Firelightning. He's a wolf.

Gemma as a wolf

Okay... long story short.. I had this annoying character Gemma thats a cat and I really don't like her but I decided to draw her as a wolf anyways.


This is a drawing of one of my best friends OC's I did.

Eva under the stars

This is a picture of my OC Eva in wolf form

Dead wolf

this is super old. It doesn't even look good. The worst part is the paws though.


This is SUUUUUUUUUPPPPEEEERRRR old. It's a pic of Darkrai

Darkrai under the stars

A realistic pic of Darkrai

Alastrine under the stars

This is a Realistic pic of my OC Alastrine

Cyren under the stars

Yay! Another realistic peace of art. This time it's of my OC Cyren.

Wolf line art

This is a newer blank pic of a wolf. This is for experiments and tests only.


This is a old pic of a OC I made for a special game with my siblings; Electron


This is another picture of Leafstorm.


This is a rather old pic of My Phoenolf (Phoenix wolf) OC Flame

Flame (full body)

Another picture of Flam, this time full body


This is a reff for my OC Sura.


a old WIP of a wolf picture. It looks horrible

Flame (I DID THIS)

Here is my first Realistic pic I ever did and it's of Flame!

Ace of Spades

I know this is not a picture of a wolf.. But I'm going to post it anyways. This is for my OC Delilah


Here is an old pic of my Mecha wolf OC Mesha.


Another cooler pic of Luna


This is a pic of my Wolf OC Sissy.


Here is a interesting picture of my OC Ash


This is a pic of two of my Wolf Oc's Scout and Jenna


Another pic of Luna


This is a sucky picture of a unonemous wolf.


This is a pic of a corrupted Luna


Here is a pic of my Wolf OC Ammo

Happy Halloween

This is an old halloween picture I made!


This is seriously one of the oldest wolf pics I have on the computer. This is a picture of the old version of Hypno. Another OC of mine


Oh look! another super old pic of my OC Firelightning.

Gemma the super annoying kitty won't stop poking Darkrai

Little Gemma won't stop poking poor Darkrai.

Felix the Calico fox

Felix the fox. The wonderfull wonderfull fox, when ever he gets in a fix he takes his calico... uhh.. I don't know how to finish this. Anyways... this is a picture of Felix the calico fox


This is a pic of one of my saddest OC's Akra. (Ah-KUH-ra)

As sly as a fox.4

Another pic of Leafstorm! even though she's a fox... I'm still posting pics of her on here!


This is reff pic for my OC Runa. (Lol. Seriously, how many OC's do I have?!)

Leva b

Another old pic of my OC Leva in wolf form