Canis lupus labradoriu


The Labrador Wolf was identified as gray wolf subspecies Canis lupus labradorius by biologist Edward A. Goldman in 1937. Because of its elusiveness and the vast, rugged land it occupies, it is one of the least studied wolves in the world. Labrador wolves are also rarely photographed in the wild.


They still inhabit nearly all of their historic range in Labrador and Northern Quebec


They are medium size wolves with dark gray to nearly white fur. Similar in general only larger than the of Canis lupus labradoriu southwest Quebec and the Great Lakes region. They range in color from dark gray to almost white, they usually are medium sized wolves.


They also prey on moose, musk ox, hares, beaver, and other rodents and fish.Labrador wolves hunt one of the largest herds of caribou in the world.


No. Endangered.