'Canis lupus alces
Nick Name:
The Alaskan Wolf. Extinct also known as the Kenai Peninsula Grey Wolf, was a sub-species of the gray wolf Canis lupus, that lived on a Peninsula in southern Alaska known as Kenai Peninsula. ' The species was classified in 1944 as one of the four subspecies in Alaska by Edward A. Goldman.'While there is a current wolf population on the peninsula, the lack of genetic similarity to the original species has resulted in a classification of extinction for the original Kenai Peninsula wolf sub-species.


The Kenai Peninsula wolf was endemic to the region of southern Alaska know as the Kenai Peninsula.


The Kenai Peninsula wolf measured from 5 to 7 feet in length (nose to end of tail), 35 to 44 inches shoulder height, and weighed 150 to 200 pounds


It fed largely on moose which is how its scientific name Canis lupus alces was derived. It would also feed on other large ungulates.


Wolves were plentiful on the Kenai Peninsula in the late 1890's. However, the gold rush brought prospectors to the area, and by 1915 wolves were almost completely exterminated by means of predator control programs using poison, along with heavy hunting and trapping. It became extinct by 1925.