Canis lupus columbianus

The British Columbian wolf was classified as subspecies Canis lupus columbianus in 1941 by senior biologist Edward Goldman.Canis lupus columbianus was one of the larger subspecies of the Gray Wolves in North America.


The British Columbian wolf fed on hares, birds, deer and other ungulates


They weighed between 80-150 pounds, and had long coats which were usually black, often mixed with grey, or brown.They measured roughly 60 to 70 inches in length.One of the largest wolves, Usually they are either gray or black with the black ones being the biggest of the two.


Endangered-found only in British Columbia, Canada.


It was once found in the greater part of British Columbia, parts of Yukon, Alberta, and southwestern Alaska It crossed territories with the Alexander Archipelago wolf and the Cascade Mountain wolf.